About Me

Jenny Saurabh Shah

Motivational Speaker, Corporate Soft Skill Trainer, Business & Life Coach & An Author.

Jeny has motivated and impacted more than 20,000 lives and with the help of soft skill training empowered them, to evolve, enabling them to upscale through skill development.


She follows only vision that is , β€œTO HELP PEOEPLE CREATE A BUSINESS & LIFE THAT THEY DESIRE.”


Her mission is to impact 3 million lives by the end of 2020 becoming the number 1 internationally acclaimed speaker know to transform the business & lives of people online and offline. She has great aspiration to be having the Fortune 500 companies as her clients

Her workshops, corporate training, one-on-one coaching sessions online as well as offline have been her testimonials of work done.

  • Jeny has been from a commerce background who then pursued fashion designing as her career taking up Entrepreneurship since 2005, after a couple of years she felt the need to upscale and took up Image Consultancy and Soft Skill Training Certification from ICBI and SQA & NABET respectively.
  • With that her journey of becoming a Motivational Speaker, Soft Skill Trainer, Business and Life coach started, got inspired to write a book on the” POWER OF POSITIVE IMAGE IN BUSINESS ORGANISATION,” with the blessing of God and her mentors went on with the second book and aspires to write many more .