Jeny Shah Services

One-On-One Coaching Service

Get an advantage with personalized one-on-one coaching

Our Jeny Shah International authorities will work with you to identify and overcome the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goals, and will act as a sounding board as you explore avenues for improvement.

What are the benefits of working with a Jeny Shah Business Coach?
  • They have seen the inner workings of hundreds of remodeling companies and understand which best practices deliver the biggest bang in increased efficiency and productivity
  • Because they understand the business so well, there is little to no learning curve for them to be up to speed and ready to help.
  • They’re part of the Remodelers Advantage community so they have access to decades of accumulated knowledge to incorporate and use.

Business ownership can be a lonely existence. There are thousands of companies run by people who might be skilled in the technical aspects of their trade, but may not be good leaders. It’s not just “leadership skills,” but the ability to cope with all the pressures bearing down on the business owner from all angles from customers, suppliers and creditors, employees, their competitors and all the other layers of the business climate. Employee turnover may be a problem, which stresses out the manager. Everybody in their outward-radiating circles suffers and the negative implications could ripple throughout the community. jeny Shah's mission is to help, to coach, to enable, to challenge our local business owners to be everything their their employees and their community need them to be.